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Meet Kelly

Kelly Slovin is a registered dietitian with a focus in sports nutrition and intuitive eating. Her passion for sports nutrition stems from a childhood of competitive swimming, and a current love of fitness classes and running. She ran the Chicago marathon in 2020 and hopes to run NYC soon! Kelly's goal is to help people fuel for their best performance, while breaking through food rules and eliminating restrictions! Her all foods fit mentality provides a gentle approach to nutrition that helps people reach their goals and feel their best, both mentally and physically.

In graduate school, she focused her research on relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S), and is passionate about spreading awareness on the consequences of under-fueling in sport. She loves working with athletes of all levels to help them find the proper fueling strategy and feel strong and confident in their sport.

Why should I work with Kelly?

  • Fuel for your best performance

  • Endurance training + race day nutrition

  • Period recovery

  • RED-S education + prevention

  • Sports injury recovery

  • Address chronic fatigue as an athlete

  • Meet your fitness goals

  • Ditch diet culture

  • Make food work for  you, not against you

Education + Credentials

BS Biology: Loyola University Chicago

MS Nutrition and Dietetics: Hunter College

Dietetic Internship: Edible Schoolyards NYC, God's Love We Deliver, Bronx Health Collective of Montefiore, Triboro Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

Registered Dietitian: The RDN credential certifies the completion of a masters degree, 1,200 supervised practice hours, and the RD exam.

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