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The Denver Food Scene

Headed to Denver and hoping to check out what the Denver food scene has to offer? Let me tell you, there's certainly a lot! I was especially excited to check out the plant based/health food scene that I heard a lot about in Denver, but I was pleasantly surprised with many other fantastic cuisines in this city.

Coffee Shops

As a somewhat recent coffee lover, I'll be honest in saying that I often prioritize the vibe of a coffee shop when deciding where to go. But, after checking out a different coffee shop each day of my trip, I promise these recommendations cover both a fun vibe AND tasty coffee.

Fluid Coffee Bar

What's fun about this place is they have a big menu of coffees, teas and breakfast items. As with everywhere in Denver, there are plenty of plant based milk options too. My favorite's here were the oat milk mocha and the regular oat milk latte. Fluid Coffee Bar also has lots of seating if you're looking for somewhere yo hang out before you start the day!

Plant Magic Coffee

This coffee shop embodies everything I expected from the Denver coffee scene. Their menu features a variety of adaptogens in fun and tasty drinks. They also offer a small selection of pastries and quiches (which were fantastic) for breakfast items. I recommend trying whatever sounds fun to you here!

*I am not endorsing the health benefits promoted on this menu. These items are fun to try but should not be considered as direct medical advice.

Crema Bodega

This coffee shop is located inside Denver Central Market, so you can grab a drink, sit, and watch the hustle and bustle of the market. I'd also recommend checking out Izzio Bakery while you're here, for the perfect pairing of a pastry and coffee!

Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

Lucile's Creole Cafe

Everything you could possible want in a souther style breakfast can be found at Lucile's. You really can't go wrong ordering here, though I will say, their homemade jam is enough of a reason to get a biscuit with your dish.

Avanti F&B

Avanti is a food hall with a beautiful rooftop seating area that overlooks the city. From pizza to pho, there are a wide variety of options here. If you're in the mood for some extra veggies, I highly recommend Bowls by Ko. Alongside their main menu, they offer make-your-own grain bowls with lots of protein and topping options, as well as delicious sauces to finish them off.


If you're looking for a nice dinner out or a date night spot, ChoLon is the place for you! This Asian fusion restaurant has a fantastic selection of dumplings and small plates that are perfect for sharing. Some highlights include french onion soup dumplings and pork belly buns. I would recommend making a reservation for this one, as it does get a bit busy.

Curtis Park Delicatessen

One of my favorite ways to fit in a lighter meal on vacation is fresh sandwiches, and Curtis Park Delicatessen does not disappoint. It's a small spot, so it's a good option if you're looking for something to-go, but they also have outdoor seating if you catch good weather while you're there! They've got fresh bread, freshly sliced deli meat, and lots of delicious toppings. You really can't go wrong!

Ace Eat Serve

I know I've already recommended an Asian fusion restaurant, but they both deserve to be on this list! The inside dining area of Ace Eat Serve is the perfect vibe for a nice dinner. But if you head outside you'll also find pool and other fun bar games. It's the best of both worlds! A dish you can't miss here is the Korean fried wings.

Coors Field

While I know you won't be going to Coors Field just for the food, I figured it was worth a mention because they have some great food options for a baseball stadium! Some of the most popular items I saw people get here were the giant hot dog and tornado pretzel. They also have a salad bar, vegan burgers, tacos, a brewery inside the stadium and my personal favorite, chocolate covered strawberries. While ballpark food is always fun, I like that they have some healthier options too so you can really get whatever you're in the mood for!


Izzio Bakery

This bakery is easily the star of the show at Denver Central Market. They have a huge selection of fresh pastries, from scones to fancy flavored croissants. I had so much trouble deciding what to get I ended up ordering 3 things to split between 2 people, it was that good!

Temper Chocolates and Confections

Denver Central Market is the place to be in Denver! Temper Chocolates has a large selection of artisan chocolate bars, as well as their own homemade chocolate bonbons. It's a chocolate lovers dream!

Little Man Ice Cream

If you've as much as googled where to eat in Denver, you've probably heard of Little Man Ice Cream. It's popular for good reason! Their servings are massive and I would recommend the kids size if you are looking for a regular scoop. If possible, I would recommend going during off hours to avoid the crowds. But the line moves fast regardless!

VooDoo Donuts

Another popular spot you may have heard of, VooDoo Donuts is famous for their crazy flavors and even crazier looking donuts. I'm not much of a donut fan and loved the donuts here! They're very soft and fluffy, which pairs well with the insane toppings they all come with.


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